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2019: A Fresh Start

2019: A Fresh Start

Happy New Year! It has been a few months but I am happy to be reporting live from Sydney, Australia! After taking a short break from my blog to spend some time traveling, packing, moving, and spending time with family I am excited to be back online. I am looking forward to writing again and for the time we are living here, I want to focus on sharing my Australia adventures and documenting this chapter of my life so my posts will look a bit different than they have in the past.

We arrived in Sydney the day before New Year’s Eve. Somehow it seemed fitting to start our new lives at the start of the new year. I am looking forward to the amazing things to come with this year and a chance for a fresh start in a new city I have never experienced. Before I can venture into that uncharted territory, I want to take a moment to reflect on my year (I know I’m a few days late to the party).

2018 was a year that brought with it a lot of adventure and happiness but also challenged my patience in ways I never thought imaginable. Having spent the vast majority of last year waiting on visas, I’d like to think I have the patience thing down now, but life will inevitably prove me wrong. I learned how to challenge myself and push myself and actually live up to those commitments. I am by no means a perfect person, but I am a better person today than a I was a year ago and that is something I feel proud of.

Learning how to set and keep goals was a huge win for me. Because I spent a summer practicing goal setting I have accomplished so many things: I lost 35 pounds, I quit my nail biting habbit, I read dozens of books, developed excercise habits, learned self control, and so much more.

2018 also brought me so many opportunities to spend time with countless family members including visiting my mom, my mother in law, and taking serveral road trips with my sister. I covered 24 states and 9 countries over the year. I road tripped cross country with children, cruised, and flew 17 hours in economy class.

Starting 2019 in this huge country where I don’t know a single person is both daunting and exciting. I look forward to the person I can become and the ways I can grow. I hope to be sitting here a year from today feeling like I am a better person for it.

As it seems for every person around this time of year, I do have a set of goals I am working. Most of my overall goals for the year are pretty vague and undefined, mostly because monthly goal setting was something that I am really convinced works for me. Here is what I would like to work on overall for the year:

1. Being healthy (I know it is super cliche). After working hard last year, I am halfway to my goal weight and I would really like to get there this year as well as working to improve my overall fitness.

2. Generic self improvement- This is my category for monthly goals that I feel will help me become a better person.

3. Read. Greg and I will be reading 2 books each month in a specific category. This month is books set in Australia or by Australian authors.

Here is what I am working on this month within those categories:

1. 30 day ab challenge- I have a favorite fitness channel on youtube who is doing a 30 day ab workout challenge where you do 100 reps. I love it but also I hate it.

2. Establishing a daily routine-I feel best when I have a set plan for each day to keep me on track with what I need to accomplish and stay productive. I’d like to keep working toward this more consistently. I’ve set up a series of alarms on my phone using google routines to remind myself to spend a few minutes picking up the house each morning and night and to brush and floss my teeth. I’ll admit that I am terrible at remembering to brush and floss twice a day and I definitely need to be better at that to feel like a full fledged adult.

3. This month I am reading In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson which I have picked up in the past but never finished and The Thorn Birds which was recommended to me by a stranger on the internet.

So that is my plan for the year. Thank you to everyone who followed along with me last year and encouraged me along the way. Here is to another incredible year!

Moving to Australia!

Moving to Australia!

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