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My Favorite Websites For Scoring Crazy Cheap Flights

My Favorite Websites For Scoring Crazy Cheap Flights

I often get questions about how I book insanely cheap flights. In 2017, I flew to Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Venice, Ecuador, Mexico, Florida, New Orleans, Taiwan, and Portland. For all of those flights, I paid less than $1,600, which from Salt Lake is often the price of 1 round-trip flight to Venice. 

While I've addressed a number of strategies I used to get cheap flights to Europe, one of the biggest things I do to get cheap flights is follow deal websites. Over the years, these websites have saved me a ton on flights and enabled me to travel the world. Here are just a few of the sites I use. While many of these sites feature similar deals, each one has something unique and I often find myself checking them on a regular basis to keep up with the latest deals.

This website features both hotels and flights from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Secret Flying
What sets Secret Flying apart is that they have dedicated sections for deals departing from a wide range of places including the US, Central America, Oceania, and Europe.

The Flight Deal
This site is a great resource for people who want to get a little more involved with their deal searching on ITA matrix or people who care about point earnings on their flights.

Fare Deal Alert
This is a partner website to The Flight Deal and is great for focussing in on fewer, but better deals.

Travel Pirates
Travel Pirates offers a combination of travel packages, hotels, and flight deals. It is focussed mainly on major cities, but you can filter by city on the website or set up alerts to get deals that best fit your needs. 

Scott's Cheap Flights
This one is actually an email subscription. There is a free and paid version of this service and they regularly send great deals to your inbox.

Pomelo Travel
Pomelo is the same concept as Scott's Cheap Flights but they feature different content.

Google Flights
This is my go-to website for deal searching because there is a ton of flexibility in the ways you can search in addition to price alerts. 

Flights from home
This is a great resource for anyone living in Utah or Intermountain West. It features tons of deals via Instagram departing from Salt Lake City and other airports in the area.

Tell me about your favorite travel websites in the comments below!

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