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Veggie Trails: 5 Tips For Vegetarian And Vegan Travelers

Veggie Trails: 5 Tips For Vegetarian And Vegan Travelers

Living life as a non-meat eater in America can sometimes be difficult and can be even more complicated when you are traveling. I've been a vegetarian for 2.5 years and in that time I've traveled to countless cities, states, and countries. I've learned a lot about how to navigate new places and overcome language barriers to enjoy local food without the meat. 

1. Download offline Google Translate
Seriously, do it now, even if you're not a vegetarian. Google Translate allows you to download any language you need to use offline and makes it SO easy to translate written text and communicate with locals. You can type or speak into it in any language and it automatically translates it verbally or in text. 

2. Eat street food
This may seem counter-intuitive because often street food can be really meat-centric. However I've found that street food gives you a way to see EXACTLY what is in your food and use the pointing strategy to get what you need. 

Bring your own food. When you can't count on anyone else to handle your food needs, take care of it yourself. One of the biggest reasons I don't mind budget airlines is that airline food is never good anyways so why not bring your own? Oatmeal, sandwiches, and trail mix, all make for great plane snacks that won't break the bank either.

4. Hit the grocery store
Take the opportunity to live like a local by stopping at the grocery store and pick up some basics to make your own meals. Opt for Airbnb so you can have access to a kitchen and enjoy an affordable meat-free meal at home or enjoy a picnic in the park. 

5. Use the Happy Cow app
The Happy Cow app is a life saver for me on a regular basis. They have ratings and reviews of vegetarian restaurants all over the world making it easy to find something local and delicious in a pinch. 

Tell me about your favorite vegetarian and vegan travel tips in the comments down below. 

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